MERCHtender is a merchandise utility, plus an inventory and fulfillment solution for niche Industries, integrated into  global merchandise marketplaces.

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What's it All About?

We make running a profitable  merchandise division easy, rewarding and enriching.
Together with you we sell merchandise and accessories direct-to-consumer through our curated online marketplaces.

Why do you need MERCHtender?

Because you get a multi-pronged approach to the development, production and sales of your branded merchandise with:

A: comprehensive B2B merchandise utility
B: dedicated B2C online marketplace
C: a curated scalable merch program

NFT and Cannabis Merchandise
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MERCHtender is a comprehensive B2B merch utility

MERCHtender lets you streamline the sourcing, designing, manufacturing and merchandising of your branded soft goods and accessories. 
Knock on one door and leave with everything you came looking for, and more, lots more!

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  • closet to merch tender
    MERCHtender is versatile, adaptable and scalable to your needs.
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    MERCHtender can be a stand-alone wholesale solution.

MERCHtender is a dedicated B2C online marketplace

Brands are invited to showcase a limited edition of some of their wares in our online marketplace to discerning  customers the world over. It’s an immediate sales channel for the merchandise you’re producing and the best way to:

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    Quickly get in front of a crowd of  savvy customers
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    Call attention to your brand
  • closet to merch tender
    Showcase your latest wares
  • closet to merch tender
    Make money while we do all the work
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MERCHtender by your side gets you ready to launch

Let your imagination roam and watch your merchandise sales take off. Do as little or as much as they want, either way, you’ll always have a seasoned, experienced MERCHtender by your side.

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    Trigger untapped revenue streams
  • closet to merch tender
    Build up brand visibility and recognition
  • closet to merch tender
    Strengthen your customer relations
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    Develop compelling customer loyalty program
  • closet to merch tender
    Better position your brand at retail
  • closet to merch tender
    Support sales efforts with both customers & partners

Together we tell the world

We’re partners! That means we’re going to do everything we can to promote the heck out of your storefront on the MERCHtender marketplace, including

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    Social media campaigns
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  • closet to merch tender
    Promote limited edition merchandise runs
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    Create one-of-a-kind experiential opportunities with your community and fanbase
  • closet to merch tender
    Expose your brand to new customers
lets shout at the world together about your goods

Are you ready for your curated MERCH shop?

We have a MERCHtender ready to chat with you!